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Star Thecaribbeanroutes
for anyone who loves the caribbean

Group Founder: nesha16
Description: it'll be fun easy and interesting to anyone who thinks there country rocks hehe!!!!!!!!!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 12
Category: Your City/Region > Latin America & Caribbean

Topics (3)

go Features of country/Island (1) nesha16
Describe some of the best features of your country/island.Make it hot!!!!!!!!!!

go hello (0) hot4blkm
i am new to the group. i wanted to say hello and wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

go Caribbean involvement (0) nesha16
How do you think caribbean being involved in foreign affairs affect the people of the caribbean?

Polls (3)

go L-lust o-oppurtunites v-vanity e -eternity hmm wat do you think of love.
go Every saw a whale?
go wat do you think of kittens